ROUND ROCK, Washington County, Illinois

This project is located in the Mississippian basin in Washington County, Illinois.
The project consists of a shallow test well of multiple objectives on the structural crest above a St Genevieve structural closure. The pay objectives are the Mississippian aged Chester sandstones (Cypress, Benoist, Aux Vases), the Devonian aged limestone and Hardin sandstone and the Trenton limestone.
The Operator is Shawnee Oil Company LLC.

Operator: Shawnee Oil Company LLC
Acreage: 488 acres
Acquisition Year: 2021
Working Interest: 7.5%
Net Revenue Interest: 6%
Main Objectives: Mississippian sandstones and Devonian limestone
Secondary objectives: Devonian Hardin sandstone and Ordovician Trenton limestone
Number of wells: multiple

Gross Estimated Oil Reserves: 2 MMBO