RUSHNESS 3D, Rush & Ness Counties, Kansas

This exploration block covers 28,556 acres and straddles the Rush and Ness County line, Kansas.
The project consists of the acquisition of approximately 63 square miles of new 3D seismic in order to fine tune the Paleozoic era structures and to identify new shallow oil structures to drill.
Reservoir objectives are the limestones and sandstones of the Paleozoic era stage. Mainly, the primary objective is the sand of the Cherokee Group (Pennsylvanian).
The Operator is Ares Energy, Ltd

Operator: Ares Energy, Ltd
Acreage: 28,556 acres
Acquisition Year: 2009
Working Interest: 10% (13.33% on Seismic & Lands)
NRI: 8.33%
Main Objective: Cherokee sands (Pennsylvanian)
Number of wells: multiple

Gross Estimated Gas Reserves: bcf
Gross Estimated Condensates Reserves: 2-10 million bbls