SMITH RANCH, Crockett County, Texas

The prospect is located in northwestern Crockett County, Texas. The block covers approximately 2,644 acres.

The primary target is the Silurian age Fusselman formation. The secondary objectives are the Strawn & Penn Detrital formations (Pennsylvanian) and the Ellenburger formation (Ordovician).

There is a two well program whereby one test well will be a direct offset to a nearby Fusselman flowing well and the second test well will be a wildcat on a nearby structure. Approximately ten (10) development wells could be drilled should this wildcat be successful.

The Operator is currently preparing the joint venture agreements.

Operator: WTG Exploration, Inc.
Acreage: 2,644 acres
Acquisition Year: 2008
Working Interest: 5% (6.67% TCP on both initial test wells)
NRI: 3.75%
Main Objective: Silurian Fusselman formation
Secondary Objectives: Strawn & Penn Detrital formations (Pennsylvanian) & Ellenburger formation (Ordovician).

Number of wells: multiple

Gross Estimated Gas Reserves: 0.3 bcf per well
Gross Estimated Oil Reserves: 145,000 bbls per well