KENDELTON, Wharton County, Texas

This block is located in Wharton County, Texas.
The main objective is the Yegua turbidites sands (Eocene).
The prospect consists of testing an AVO anomaly being 120 feet structurally high to an old well.
The Operator is Cico Oil & Gas Company.
The initial test well was drilled in June/July 2008 and reached a total vertical depth of 8,836 feet (2 693.20 m). The Cico Rivers #1 well encountered wet sands and will be plugged and abandoned.
This unsuccessful prospect has been abandoned.

Operator: Cico Oil & Gas Company
Acreage: 340 acres
Acquisition Year: 2007
Working Interest: 3% (4% BPO on the initial test well)
NRI: 2.22%
Main Objective: Yegua turbidite sandstones
Number of wells: 1

Gross Estimated Gas Reserves: 11 bcf
Gross Estimated Condensates Reserves: 30,000 bbls