GALION, Campbell County, Wyoming

This block is located in Campbell County (Wyoming) and covers approximately 1,744 acres. The producing formation is the Minnelusa sand and the gross production approximates 1150 BOPD.The last well was drilled and completed during the last quarter of 1999 and produces approximately 600 BOPD. The operator believes that there could be possible reservoir extensions surrounding the current acreage and negotiations are in progress to acquire additional acreage.If successful in obtaining surrounding acreage, additional 3D seismic will be required.
Operator : Trend Exploration I LLC.
Surface : 1744 acres
Acquisition Year : 1998
Working Interest : 10.6875 %
NRI : 9.35156 %
Production from the Minnelusa sand
Number of wells : 5

Gross estimated reserves : Oil : 1 910 000 Bbl
Net Estimated reserves : Oil : 179 000 Bbl
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