NORTH BOB WEST FIELD, Zapata County, Texas

The block is divided in two sections where the percentages of royalty owned by TEXICAN are different. Trans Texas is the operator with 100 % working interest., a debtor in possession since April 19, 1999. In consequence, the aggresive drilling program has been suspended and gas production and gas sales have been decreasing. There are several drilling locations remaining to be drilled and numerous multiple behind pipe gas completions to be perforated in the existing well bores. It is probable that this gas property will be purchased by a more aggressive oil/gas operator in due course.

Operator : Trans Texas Gas Corporation(Debtor-in-possession, April 19, 1999)
Surface : 4009 acres
Acquisition Year : 1997
Royalty : 0,7 % on the most important wells
Production from the Wilcox
Number of wells : 18

Gross estimated reserves : Oil : 29487 Bbl - Gas : Bcf
Net Estimated reserves : 189 Bbl - 0,136 Bcf

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