MARACAS GAS FIELD, Cesar Basin, Colombia

The Texican-operated Maracas Association Contract area is located in the Cesar Basin east of El Dificil producing gas field and southwest of the Guajira field. It comprises a proven gas field, collectively
known, as the Maracas field. The drilling program was initiated in March 1997 and a 2D seismic survey in early 1998 detailed further infill locations and exploration prospects with targets in the Socuy, La Luna and Lagunitas formations.

The discovery well, Compae-1 encountered over 400 feet of gas column with an absolute open flow potential of 24 MMCFD from the Socuy and the La Luna carbonate formations. Two delineation wells, Compae-2 and Compae-3 drilled the identical structure and confirmed the extent of the reserves estimated between 13 BCF and 50 BCF.

The Maracas structures are over thrust and faulted blocks, with gas reserves from the Upper Cretaceous Socuy (Campanian) and La Luna (Turonian) formations both of which enjoy good aquifer support and high recovery rates. Production from the Maracas field may attain industrial rates in year 2000. Gas produced will be used to produce electricity for the local market.

TEXICAN and its subsidiary TICAN established in Bogota with a workforce of national staff operates to international operational standards and is able to manage further development of the business.

Reserves: Net proven and probable commercial reserves of 25 BCF, and possible commercial reserves of 50 BCF. During the year 2000, a drilling program will explore oil reserves in the deeper targets already tested in the Compae-1 well.

Market: The field may have direct access to the neighboring cities through gas connection pipelines. Power generating facilities are planned in the area due to the strong demand of the local market for electricity and lack of disruption due to security and environmental issues, national staff and community relations.
Surface : 90 Sq Km
Acquisition year : 1995
Working Interest : 100,00%
NRI : 80,00%

Number of wells : 3 wells to delineate the La Luna gas reservoir. One horizontal well or deviated well will be drilled in order to explore the oil bearing levels of the Lagunitas reservoir.

An electrical plant is planned subject to engineering and feasibility studies.

Productive level : Oil : Lagunitas - Gas : Socuy & La Luna
Gross Estimated Reserves : Oil : ? barils - Gas : 13 to 25 bcf
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